The Real Migration is Not a Physical Migration | single piece of cedar wood (direct carving) - Lima, 2009 




The Real Migration is Not a Physical Migration / 35mm slide projection




"His present interest is in a continued exploration of wood as material for sculpture and I believe it has led him to a new awareness of the need for roots at the heart of human existence. He is attempting to respond in an integral way –harmonizing thought process and concrete sensuous experience– to the demands of a renewed engagement with matter as living presence in space, through sculpture. The need to redefine the spiritual in art is becoming a way of research in the creative process itself."

Jorge Villacorta Chávez, Lima, 2010

“他目前的兴趣是不断地摸索木材,作为雕刻的材料,我相信这带给他对于人类存在以及其中心扎根的需求一种全新的体悟。透过雕塑,他正试图以整体的方式回应重新接触生活空间存在的需求 – 协调思维过程与具体的感官经验。尚未重新定义艺术精神的需求在创作过程本身已成为一种研究方式。”(豪尔赫·维亚科达,利马,2010年)

Jaime Miranda Bambaren